SWIEI and DeXL to Transform Leadership Training on Emotional Intelligence

The Southwest Institute for Emotional Intelligence (SWIEI) and Dynamic Experiential Learning (DeXL) are pleased to announce a new partnership that will transform and improve the way in which leadership training on emotional intelligence is delivered, learned, and applied. Emotional intelligence is a well-researched leadership concept that is critical to effective leadership performance and success.

“Corporate leaders and employees are demanding a better way to learn with best-in-class content that’s scalable across business units and geographies, and results in measurable, long-term behavioral change,” said Eric Evans, President & CEO of DeXL. “The Southwest Institute for Emotional Intelligence is a leader in transforming individuals and collectively, we are well-positioned to transform this space.”

Using science-based learning approaches grounded in DeXL’s innovative learning experience engine, coupled with SWIEI’s deep industry expertise from certified trainers and professional coaches, the collaboration will produce an emotional intelligence training program like no other. Learners will gain proficiency and experience with competencies vital to the mastery of emotional intelligence using cutting-edge learning technology, combined with experiential learning activities.

Key benefits of the training program will include adaptive, personalized micro-learning content that respects the complex work life of leaders and provides clear evidence of mastery. It will incorporate experiential, applied learning approaches to help foster authentic engagement among participants who will prepare to tackle real-life, practical situations and contexts. Using the latest, device-responsive educational technology, leaders will learn core competencies on-the-go and gain access 24/7. The training also aims to enhance a sense of belonging and commitment among learners by developing a professional community of practice and support network.

Said Bobi Seredich, Co-Founder of SWIEI: “Together, the complimentary capabilities of SWIEI and DeXL will produce an engaging, innovative leadership training program that will positively and measurably impact employee performance. Our clients have been asking us for an online EI training program, and the timing is perfect. We needed to adapt to the new workforce, and how they learn and retain leadership training information.”

About Southwest Institute for Emotional Intelligence

From Fortune 500 companies to high-profile leaders, SWIEI has measurably improved the emotional intelligence of thousands of individuals with SWIEI’s speaking, training and coaching capabilities. SWIEI’s core competencies are founded in evidence-based practice: they partner with the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP) which provides research and advisory services. SWIEI’s mission is to enhance leadership and life performance through emotional mastery – a catalyst for building stronger communities, developing leaders, increasing performance, enhancing relationships and improving personal health by providing awareness, education and tools around the power and science behind human emotions. Learn more at https://www.swiei.com.