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Relevant, real-world training pathways made to inspire your leaders to continuously grow, year over year.
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Grow your next leaders with learning science and analytics.

Evaluate your teams with Skill Map and benchmark their capabilities. See where their skill gaps are, and train them with the right Skill Builder level so you never lose out on training ROI or employee engagement again. Your leaders will get the training pathway that’s right for them, so they’re never bored or left struggling.

Skill Map

Skill Builder

Skill Builder
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Know where your leaders need to grow with Skill Map.

Let your employees dive straight into testing the skills they have with video scenarios designed to emulate situations encountered on the job.

We help you take the next steps with a customized report featuring recommended learning pathways so you can make your team’s professional development more intentional and powerful than ever.

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Skill Builder brings flexible, relevant leadership training that really sticks to your team.

In this series of flexible six-week courses, your employees work with expert coaches and peers to gain in-demand leadership skills that they can put to immediate use in the workplace.

Learners take an hour a week for self-study at a time that works for them; using DeXL’s proven spaced-repetition techniques, the knowledge stays with them longer. They’ll join discussions with peers online or in key live sessions with coaches, and practice demonstrating their skills in true-to-life roleplay scenarios designed to push them to be better.

Let your leaders sharpen key skills with Skill Builder Advanced and Pro.

Your time is valuable, and we know it. That’s why we’ve designed Skill Builder Advanced and Pro levels for your team to zero in on skill gaps and practice the skills they need to boost their career.

No long, boring modules to study. No classes to attend. Employees get in, practice the skills they need in key scenarios aimed to help them grow fast, and get back to doing what they do best.

When they’ve completed their final session, a certified expert will provide a personalized evaluation to help you both lean into their strengths and find opportunities for further growth.

Stay ahead of the learning curve with AI-driven success boosters.

The learning landscape has been stuck in a reactionary position for a long time, but DeXL breaks free of that. Using our AI-powered platform, we keep you in the know about your learners and their performance, sending you nudges when learners display behavior that puts their success at risk so you can help them break down learning barriers before it’s too late to impact their success in a course.

“I wish I had several of my professional curricula this well-organized, articulated, and trained! For me, this was VERY effective.

Dr. Barry Adams, PhD