Skill Measurement & Readiness Platform

Relevant, real-world training pathways made to inspire your team to continuously improve, year over year.
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Upskill Your Team with Learning Science & Cutting-Edge Tech

Using our Skill Map tool, quickly measure your team’s skills in key areas. See exactly where their skill gaps and opportunities stand. Provide personalized practice sets using Skill Builder and Skill Builder Advanced so they gain the confidence to be ready for any situation they face.

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Skill Builder

Skill Builder
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Know Exactly Where Your Team’s Skills Stand

Our proprietary skills measurement process, Skill Map, quickly provides your team members with a personalized report showing gaps, opportunities, and recommended upskill next steps.

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Flexible Skills Practice for Minutes per Day Online

DeXL’s Readiness Platform provides your team with Skill Builder, a self-directed, online learning platform that provides learners with practice sets, expert coaching and feedback, role-relevant practice scenarios, and live roleplay so they can immediately apply their skills on the job.

Expand Your Team's Confidence with Skill Builder Advanced

With DeXL’s Skill Builder Advanced tool, your team gains access to all the all the practice sets, features, and expert coaching of Skill Builder in the same flexible, online learning format. Skill Builder Advanced provides additional practice sets combined with on-demand coaching. These practice sets provide real-world scenarios that may be role, industry, or company-specific.

AI that Drives Behavior Change & Establishes Effective Habits

Using our AI-powered Skills Readiness Platform, we drive higher learner motivation and behavior change based upon proprietary measurement, learning science, and research. We provide notifications, nudges, and user-friendly dashboards for leaders to track team achievement and hold team members accountable to progress.

“I wish I had several of my professional curricula this well-organized, articulated, and trained! For me, this was VERY effective.

Dr. Barry Adams, PhD