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Build a Best-in-Class Online Program backed by Data and Learning Science

Your course content and delivery deserve to be built on a strong foundation of learning science. DeXL’s experts understand where AI-driven data and learning principles come together to enhance the student experience, ensure repeated success and guarantee student satisfaction all the way through graduation.

Elevate your Online Learning Strategy with the Learning Intelligence Roadmap

Online is no longer just optional or a luxury in learning in today’s environment, but you don’t have to take the leap alone. DeXL learning science experts will review your existing programs and provide you with a roadmap custom-designed to help fill your gaps in content and delivery, complete with recommendations to improve the student experience, learning retention, and overall engagement.

License Top-tier Online Content from DeXL, or Let Us Source A+ Course Material for You

DeXL has an array of powerful, tested course material available for license to bolster your program offering. If you have existing content that needs to be revitalized, we put it through DeXL’s learning model designed to enhance retention and engagement from students.

Our team of learning design experts can also source content that fits your needs and ensure it meets our rigorous standards for online education. So you can get the content you need for your programs, without having to worry about quality or effectiveness.

Faculty Online Readiness Training

Even if your content is ready to go online, there’s one more crucial component to offering your students the best possible experience: your faculty. DeXL provides online faculty readiness training to help your instructors feel confident and prepared to connect with students online when delivering content using the DeXL model.

Instructors can focus their attention away from tech trouble and where it belongs: on the students. You’ll have better, stronger facilitators who can enable more engaged, successful students in every course.

Give Your Faculty Proven Student Engagement & Retention Strategies

The learning landscape has been stuck in a reactionary position for a long time, but DeXL breaks free of that. Using our AI-powered platform, we keep you in the know about your students and their performance, sending your facilitators nudges when students display behavior that puts their success at risk so you can help them break down learning barriers before it’s too late to impact their success in a course. The end result? Better graduation and retention rates, and more satisfied students.

I loved the online classroom experience—it's unique and refreshing. I had the same connection and community in the online environment that I would have had on a campus.

Tracy Sacca