About Us

We believe that people have an innate desire to learn and grow; we are curious seekers who earnestly believe in giving people the tools they need to succeed.

We think people have innate greatness.​

DeXL was born out of a need to make online higher education and training comparable to—if not better than—on site learning. We saw an opportunity to improve on the way online learning is delivered and we seized upon it. We wanted to build learning that was deliberate, focused, and provided for genuine, lasting skill growth with learners.

A sizable portion of learners find online training content uninspiring, and we aimed to change that. We set out to build solutions that featured things we believed were missing from online learning: a means to practice and demonstrate skills to experts for feedback that was meaningful and personalized.

Which is exactly what we did.

Our vision for a better way to learn.

Unlocking the path to growth and greatness in others is what we do. It’s what we spend a large part of our time thinking and talking about. Our learning design and our approach to problem-solving for learners is built around three simple values we strive to uphold in everything we build.

Be Inspiring

“We believe that people have an innate desire to learn and grow; that continued progression brings fulfillment and joy.”

Be Authentic

“We are genuine and earnest in what we do: we want to help and we want to see people succeed.”

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Be Smart

“We are nerdy about data, learning design, and user experience. We are lifelong learners who are always curious and seeking answers.”

Where learning science meets analytics.

We take a scientific approach to all we do. With our roots as an innovation think-tank in learning design, we are constantly seeking ways to solve problems that exist in the learning space. We took what we knew from years of experience in the higher education and online education spheres, combined with learning science principles and data analytics expertise, and formed our corporate leadership training products.

The end result? One of the most accurate, insightful leadership skill assessments and benchmarking tools on the market. This, combined with our insistence that genuine, personalized feedback from expert facilitators is what we believe pushes learners toward not just success, but confidence and satisfaction.

We’re nerdy about learning design principles.

Our learning design process is founded on proprietary learning principles grounded in research, client feedback, and data collected from thousands of leaners over several years. We believe learning delivery is as important as the content, and our learning material is built upon these four learning science-based principles.

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Long-term knowledge and skill retention through spaced repetition.

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Skill mastery through deliberate practice.

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Motivate learners using our self-determined framework.

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Community of inquiry framework to promote and enhance understanding.

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