Bryan University Case Study

Delivering key leadership training in higher education.

Driving behavioral change in university leaders.

Bryan University executive leadership wanted to elevate its high potential employees with a training program that would drive lasting behavioral change. Partnering with DeXL, they began by assessing the current landscape of skills and skill gaps within the organization and, using DeXL’s analytics and insights, opted to move forward with Skill Builder to empower their emerging leaders.

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Delivering skill development in leadership principles.

DeXL enrolled the Bryan University teams in Skill Builder’s six-week Emotional Intelligence training, where employees did a blend of self-study and deliberate practice through roleplay exercises to help them retain and demonstrate their skills. DeXL’s expert coach provided each employee with personalized feedback throughout the process, allowing them to quickly recognize and reflect on how to continually push and improve their performance.

63% of Bryan University’s employees showed increased work performance after Skill Builder.

Gaining a deeper understanding.

Assessment of Bryan University’s employees before and after the training took place allowed university leadership to recognize and maintain targeted growth paths for their teams. Skill Builder provided the entire team with a baseline skill level from which to start, and validated the team’s existing skills: 81% of employees demonstrated an ability to apply leadership principles during the training, and 19% showed improvement opportunities when provided specific direction on guidance and learning pathways. Executive leaders at Bryan University were pleased to have a deeper and more accurate understanding of the skill level in their emerging leaders.

Through the combined approach of Skill Builder’s leadership foundations training and DeXL’s AI-powered analytics, Bryan University was able to push for behavioral change and powerful skill growth within its teams.

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