Bayhealth Case Study

Building a leadership pathway in healthcare.
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Seeking an ideal learning path for emerging leaders.

Healthcare provider Bayhealth wanted to drive behavioral change with its leaders and employees with high potential. Prior training programs in their organization focused on in-person seminars and online webinar presentations and needed a way to take it to the next level. As a result, Bayhealth’s management didn’t have any quantifiable evidence that its emerging leaders had command of emotional intelligence principles key to leadership.

Employees chosen for Bayhealth’s Emerging Leaders program would attend a training seminar as before, but with one added change: DeXL’s Skill Map would be added to the mix, to test their retention and give management a clearer picture of where their employees still stood to grow.

Using Skill Map assessments to guide the way.

Bayhealth leadership needed a way to gain a deeper, more accurate, and actionable understanding of their emerging leaders’ skill levels so they could prescribe a more informed and tailored recommendation for the employee’s ideal learning pathway.

After Bayhealth employees attended their training on emotional intelligence, they were enrolled in Skill Map, where each employee had the opportunity to roleplay against prerecorded scenarios designed to test the principles they had previously learned. These roleplay responses were evaluated by an expert coach, who provided personalized feedback to the employees on their performance. Using survey data gained from those who enrolled, DeXL divided the learners into personas, categories and demographics for benchmarking based on their years in their role and at Bayhealth. This data, combined with the final scoring learners received during the assessments, would form the basis of the recommendations DeXL would provide Bayhealth.

customer dashboard
An example of the reporting provided to Bayhealth.

Sharing learner success.

At the end of the evaluation period, DeXL compiled the learner data and evaluation results through our AI-based analytics platform and provided Bayhealth management with the specific details they needed to go forward with their emerging leaders. Recommendations for further training were made based on the learners’ performance and displayed areas of competency during the Skill Map assessments.

84% of the learners felt that Skill Map had a direct impact on improving their job performance.

Taking Bayhealth’s emerging leaders even further.

DeXL provided learners with their next learning path—either Skill Builder or Skill Builder Advanced—based on demonstrated competency:

  • 52% demonstrated the ability to apply leadership principles at a basic level
  • 14% showed an advanced level of competency with leadership principles

Learners reported a 22% increase in their own confidence after Skill Map’s practice sessions when compared with their pre-training survey responses, noting that the prescribed learning pathways helped them perform their job better. Learner satisfaction was 79% overall.

Bayhealth’s management received powerful insights to drive their forward momentum on training their emerging leaders with DeXL’s Skill Map helping to light the way ahead.

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