Virtual Campus (Technology & Support)

Cutting-Edge Learning Technology


The EdTech marketplace is vast and complex. Frankly, there are a lot of technologies that result in little benefit. We help you cut through the clutter by carefully selecting the technologies you need to create an exceptional learning experience.


Cloud-Based Software in One Proprietary Platform

Rather than selling our own software, we choose to be adaptive and responsive by partnering with innovative EdTech companies to custom-craft a learning solution that is fully integrated to meet your needs and can easily scale. Our proprietary learning platform, known as the DeXL Virtual Campus, was cultivated over years of vetting, testing, and implementing a wide array of learning solutions. In developing this platform, we started with the learner experience and pedagogy first, only selecting those technologies that best enhanced the learning experience.

Our Partners

A Proven, Multi-Layered Online Learning Platform

The DeXL virtual campus is a proven learning environment, having been used in education for years. It is branded to your organization and includes a custom single sign-on (SSO) page where your learners authenticate to the platform. The configuration is generally composed of three layers: learning experience technology (LxTech), the learning management system (LMS), and the learning relationship management system (LRM):


User-friendly and mobile compatible, the LRM functions as the main point of entry for learners where they can:

  • Memorialize goals and objectives
  • Access their calendar, including notifications and reminders
  • View upcoming social and educational events
  • Connect with their instructor
  • Communicate and network with peers and colleagues
  • Receive counseling, career advising, or technical support
  • Access other applications, such as the LMS or SIS

As the central component of an effective learning experience, the LMS is directly linked to the LRM and provides learners with:

  • Currently enrolled courses
  • Learning objectives and competencies
  • Succinct outline for each course, including syllabus if applicable
  • Adaptive and personalized course content
  • Other learning content and experiences delivered via the LxTech



Customized to meet your organization-specific needs and requirements, the learning experience technology may provide several benefits to enhance the LMS environment such as:

  • Social and academic community engagement
  • Live events and activities
  • Video content – live or recorded
  • Adaptive e-books
  • Content delivered using gamified software
  • Third party integrated content such as micro-credentials or certification preparation
User-Friendly Interfaces
& Reporting

One of the key advantages of using the DeXL virtual campus platform is you receive all the built-in data analytics and reporting packages that are configured and ready to use. You avoid the hassle of trying to create the reports and metrics on your own and can rely on our team of experts with years of online learning experience. Both your learners and your instructors benefit from user interfaces that are designed with the end user and simplicity in mind.

Seamless Setup,
Integration, & QA

For any of the technologies utilized in your virtual campus, we take care of the licensing agreements and complicated contracts. We integrate all the software within your virtual campus and our IT professionals complete quality assurance procedures prior to going live. We’re also experienced in setting up integrations to securely share data between your other systems, including your CRM and SIS.

Other Key Benefits
  • Training for your instructors and staff on how to access and interpret key reports
  • Key metrics to identify at-risk learners
  • One stop shop – we take care of all the technical contracts and licensing
  • Quick and turn-key implementation
  • Standard API integrations
  • Seamless student experience using single sign-on (SSO) authentication
  • Mobile device compatibility and apps for select technologies
Technical Support

With DeXL technical support, you’ll receive friendly and skilled support professionals who are specifically trained on your virtual campus environment. You can choose from the following support options:

  • Tier 1 student support that is branded to your organization with a dedicated toll-free support number
  • Tier 2 student support
  • Tier 1 support for your instructors and staff

Continuous Innovation

To stay at the forefront of the EdTech landscape, we continuously seek out and test emerging technologies so you don’t have to. Since your virtual campus is agile and highly configurable, we can swap out a technology or software if it becomes obsolete or less effective. We assess their viability in our labs and make them available to your virtual campus only after they have proven successful.