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Student Advisement


Student Advisement (Student Success Coaching)

Based upon best practices in coaching and motivational techniques, and founded upon concepts that drive increased retention of learners including purpose, mindset, and sense of belonging, we can provide your organization with seasoned Student Success Coaches (SSCs). Our SSC team provides the following services:

  • Tracking and reporting of key retention indicators
  • Mapping and aligning strategic, proactive touch-points with learners
  • Providing proven engagement strategies that increase learner effort and persistence
  • Supporting the personal and logistical challenges and needs of learners
  • Connecting learners with the right people and resources to ensure success
  • Collaborating with your educators and administrators and responding as needed to ensure a highly satisfactory learner experience

Our SSC team works hand-in-hand with your team to track and measure learner satisfaction and success.


In addition to our core service offerings, clients leverage our expertise to solve unique challenges that require an experienced, objective viewpoint. These advisory engagements may require a one-time, project-based statement of work (SOW), or a longer-term solution.


Competencies/Learning Outcomes Gap Analysis

Based upon a certificate, degree program, or a professional training program you designate, this analysis is conducted by our institutional research team, in collaboration with your chosen subject matter experts, your program chair or director, and any other key members of your team necessary. The analysis is based upon our four-tiered DeXL Competency Model and aligns course and program competencies to current employer and marketplace requirements. The deliverables include a final Competency Map, in addition to specific gaps identified and recommendations.

Program & Course Sequencing (Curriculum Stackability) Review

Based upon a certificate, degree program, or a professional training program you designate, this review is conducted by our learning engineering team in collaboration with your program chair and other key members of your team. Proper program sequencing and progression pathways can have a significant impact on student morale, retention, and speed to graduation. It will also improve the utilization and efficacy of your educators, resulting in greater operational efficiency and cost savings. This step generally includes determining and standardizing the following:

  • Length of each course
  • Order of courses, taking into consideration prerequisites and learner personas
  • Class schedule options and best practices
  • Number of courses students take concurrently
  • Stackability of courses within one or more programs

The final deliverable for this service is a Program Sequencing Map for all competencies and courses within the program, along with stackable progression pathways.

Admissions: Student Readiness & Yield Rate Review

This service includes a review of your pre-start admissions activities and standard operating procedures (SOPs) by our experiential admissions design team, in collaboration with your Dean or Director of Admissions and other key members of your team. Part of this review may include recommendations on how to adapt your procedures to an online enrollment environment and measuring the efficacy of your online application and enrollment process. One of the key areas of focus during the review is to provide recommendations on procedures to improve learner readiness from both a cognitive and noncognitive perspective. Examples include:

  • Technology readiness – process for assessing and confirming that learners have the proper hardware and software to begin class successfully
  • Learning technology orientation – process to acclimate a learner to the digital environment prior to starting class
  • Orientation & community access – process to ensure learners are clear on how to login, access course materials, get help and support, and connect with peers and faculty
  • Sense of purpose – process to memorialize learner goals and strategies to overcome potential challenges

The deliverable of this service includes a report that lists recommendations and best practices that can impact enroll and start rates.

Student Loan Default Prevention Review

This service is provided by our director of student finance in collaboration with your student finance director. This includes reviewing your default prevention process for Title IV loan programs and providing recommendations for improvement. It may also include providing financial aid advisors with best practices to provide students an engaging and effective financial aid intake experience, in addition to compliance and regulatory best practices.

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