Mission and Culture

Every Person Brings Greatness


Client Success is the Core of Our Mission

Your success is our reason for getting up in the morning (and all the caffeine that follows). We partner with you and invest in your future. Our success hinges on your success.

Our collective desire is to build a culture and legacy of greatness. The journey to greatness is an intentional choice that offers limitless potential. Although the journey may be fraught with obstacles, we thrive in challenging environments – knowing that difficulty makes us better and spurs innovation.

For us, helping learners and educators succeed is more than a job. It’s a movement to shape the future of learning. With decades of combined experience in online learning with some of the most forward-thinking online institutions, we’re ready to team up with you to pioneer a better learning experience.

Our Core Values

Deliver Delight
Every Time
Be intentionally delightful—each experience matters, every time.
Find a better way—relentlessly and courageously.
Trust and
Be Trusted
Always assume positive intent —we’re all in this together.
The most worthwhile accomplishments are hard-won.
Inspire Greatness
Around You
Bring out the best in others and you’ll bring out the best in yourself.
Literally, laugh out loud: don’t take yourself too seriously—have fun and celebrate successes.
We're passionate about dynamic learning experiences.
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