Meet Our Team

Meet the Impatient Innovators


Alesther Asmundson
Media Producer
Most likely to have a giant trunk of halloween costumes.

Bio: Alesther has been working as a Video Professional and Media Producer for the last ten years. Her bread and butter is combining her instinctive creative nature with her knack for compelling storytelling.

Clubs: Yearbook Staff, Art Club, Drama, Photography Club

Favorite Film: Goonies

Dave Rogers
Most likely to be skateboarding through the office while putting the finishing touches on a complex financial model.

Bio: Dave earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting and became a CPA while auditing fortune 500 companies at Deloitte. For nearly ten years, Dave has held operations and finance roles at higher ed institutions with experience in online and residential education. He is driven by a mission of helping others continually improve and grow and believes strongly that effective education is one the best vehicles for one to improve his or her life.

Clubs: Skateboarding, Surfing, Music

Favorite Film: Endless Summer

Denice Schroeder
Learning Design Director
Most likely to dominate the cornhole court.

Bio: Denice has a master’s degree in Education, Curriculum and Instruction and has worked in corporate training and design & development in diverse industries: Manufacturing, Financial, Online High School, and Higher Education, for over 15 years. Denice is passionate about creating engaging learning experiences that produce relevant and valuable skills and productive behaviors in learners.

Clubs: Basketball, Volleyball, French club

Favorite Film: Weird Science

Eric Evans
Most likely to inspire you.

Bio: Eric earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Information Systems from Brigham Young University. Eric began his career with PricewaterhouseCoopers helping fortune 500 clients improve business processes to drive stronger value while mitigating operational risk. For the past twelve years, Eric has held various positions at multiple higher education institutions from admissions to president, helping to organize and inspire teams of brilliant people to take on and to solve complex opportunities in higher education from online program growth to student experience to graduation rates.

Clubs: Arizona Rare Fruit Growers, Gateway Drum Smokers (BBQ), BYU Management Society, and ISACA.

Favorite Film: Lord of the Rings

Hailey Richins
Learning Experience Designer
Most likely to achieve everything on her bucket list before turning 30.

Bio: Hailey has a master’s degree in Instructional Design and Educational Technology and has worked in different roles in higher education during her career. As a lifelong learner, she is passionate about making learning meaningful and applicable.

Clubs: Newspaper Team, Cheerleading

Favorite Film: Wedding Singer

Jake Watkins
Learning Technology Implementation Manager
Most likely to save money on car insurance.

Bio: Jake has spent his career designing learning experiences for college, high school, and international students, as well as corporate learners, call center reps, and government employees. He thrives on helping people learn smarter by introducing them to best-in-class learning technology and equipping them with the tools necessary to be successful. Jake has a master’s degree in Adult Education and Training.

Clubs: Random Sports Statistics Club, Golf Ball Collecting Club

Favorite Film: Happy Gilmore

Julie Phillips
VP of Employee Excellence
Most likely to overachieve. Always.

Bio: Julie holds a master’s degree from Rutgers University in human resource management and over the past 15 years has partnered with leaders across multiple industries to foster best in class cultures and employment practices. Julie is passionate about creating engaging employment experiences leading to a productive workplace.

Clubs: Debate, Student Council, and Travel

Favorite Movie: All 007 movies

Kurt Hayes
Executive Director, Learning Experience Engineering
Most likely to give an inspirational speech with one leg up on a chair.

Bio: Kurt has a master’s degree in Adult Education, Distance Learning and has worked on initiatives spanning from the development of online high school programs, college-level certificates and degrees, and the launch of online programs internationally. Kurt is passionate about finding ways to inspire learners to persist through transformational educational experiences.

Clubs: Computer Club, Woodworking, Cheerleading

Favorite Film: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Larry Karcher
Director, Experiential Admissions Design
Most likely to be the first person ever to have the title of “Director, Experiential Admissions Design.”

Bio: Larry has had the pleasure of supporting 24 different institutions by increasing engagement, enrollment, persistence, retention and graduation. Larry thrives on uncovering new ways to increase student success and empower team members.

Clubs: Community Volunteer, Volleyball, Peer Mediator

Favorite Film: The Usual Suspects

Margot Cassidy
Content Specialist
Most likely to notice incorrectly-used apostrophe’s.

Bio: Margot has a master’s degree in Information Resources and Library Science. She has over seven years experience as an academic librarian supporting a wide variety of programs, and has directed in-person and online peer tutoring programs.

Clubs: Newspaper, Tennis

Favorite Film: The Shawshank Redemption

Mark Evans
Business Development
Most likely to listen to 80s Big Hair bands loudly just to embarrass the kids.

Bio: Mark earned his bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Brigham Young University and is currently completing a master’s degree with Johns Hopkins University. Mark became a CPA while working with Deloitte in California and serviced several large publically-traded companies, along with small to medium sized businesses. Prior to this, Mark worked with GE in their medical imaging systems division. For the past eleven years, Mark has held several operations roles in higher education in finance, recruitment, and marketing. One of Mark’s primary missions in life is to help bring education to those who need it most. His favorite quote is from Benjamin Franklin: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Clubs: Choir, Marching Band, English, History, Fishing

Favorite Film: Lord of the Rings

Nicole DeJong
Learning Design Director
Most likely to get a tattoo in Shadows Into Light Two font.

Bio: Nicole has a Masters Degree in Educational Technology and has designed higher education curriculum for over 10 years. She’s also worked on strategy development and training for large clients, such as Deloitte, Taco Bell, Lincoln Financial, and Macy’s. Nicole is a firm believer in the design thinking process and the way it, along with passionate people who care, can drastically change someone’s educational journey.

Clubs: The “I’ve Never Liked Clubs” Club

Favorite movie: Footloose

Roxane Romero
Regional Director of Student Finance
Most likely to have Halloween decorations in her office year round.

Bio: Roxane has been working in higher education, specifically in roles related to financial aid, for over 28 years. She contributed her expertise during the NPRM process for the Department of Education, representing the proprietary segment. Prior to education, Roxane worked as a professional jazz musician, and still leverages her love of both universal languages–music and math–to help connect people with their dreams.

Clubs: Band, Debate team, Ethnic Diversity, Drama

Favorite Film: Mr. Holland’s Opus, Practical Magic, and What Dreams May Come

Shawn Adams
Project Manager, Learning Experience Engineering
Most likely to discover Adele five years after everyone else did.

Bio: Shawn holds a Master’s Degree in Adult Education and Distance Learning and has spent the past 12 years designing higher education curriculum for a multitude of clients (including a Canadian start-up), various educational programs, and a wide range of learning audiences. He has also focused his efforts on project management, including using PM tools and facilitating processes to achieve company expectations. Whether through the design of the curriculum, or through the management of department projects, Shawn is passionate about helping others achieve success.

Clubs: Baseball, Journalism

Favorite Film: Die Hard

Tess Elmore
Operations Project Manager
Most likely to set Wrike on autopilot during “gaming” battles.

Bio: Tess is a Certified Associate in Project Management with a master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and over seven years working in online education. Her greatest ambition is to assist others in unlocking their potential by helping them to identify, celebrate, and leverage their uniqueness.

Clubs: Show Choir, Creative Writing, Anime Club, Rock Climbing

Favorite Film: Dangerous Beauty

Tim Sloan
Business Development
Most likely to say “thank you” just for being exactly who you are and doing exactly what you do.

Bio: Tim has an MBA and has spent many years living and working internationally in business and humanitarian initiatives. He enjoys engaging collaboratively with people to explore opportunities for and achieve solutions that result in helping others achieve their innate potential.

Clubs: Literature, English, History, Fishing

Favorite Film: The Majestic

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