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Ready to Take Your Emotional Intelligence
Skills to the Next Level?


A Virtual Emotional Intelligence Training Program Like No Other

The Southwest Institute for Emotional Intelligence (SWIEI) and Dynamic Experiential Learning (DeXL) have partnered to transform and improve the way in which leadership training on emotional intelligence (EI) is delivered, learned, and applied. Emotional intelligence is a well-researched leadership concept that is critical to effective leadership performance and success.

Using science-based learning approaches grounded in DeXL’s innovative learning experience engine, coupled with SWIEI’s deep industry expertise from certified trainers and professional coaches, the collaboration has produced an EI training program like no other. Learners will gain proficiency and experience with competencies vital to the mastery of EI using cutting-edge learning technology, combined with experiential learning activities. It is designed for individual influencers, emerging leaders, managers and senior leaders.

Learn What Great Leaders Have that Good Leaders Don’t

Enroll today in our fully online emotional intelligence course that uses the latest adaptive learning technology combined with personalized coaching to provide you a better way to learn. You’ll not only gain the EI knowledge and skills to amplify your leadership effectiveness, but you’ll also be provided personalized guidance for practical application.


  • Next Start Date: January 25, 2021
  • Length: six weeks
  • Average Weekly Time Commitment: two to three hours

What’s Included

  • 360 assessment emailed two weeks prior to the start of the training
  • Six-week EI online training with personal coaching
  • AI-driven delivery model identifying skills gaps, maximizing learning, and improving retention of content
  • Real-world work examples for practical application of EI tools and concepts
  • Recorded rehearsal videos of EI skills
  • Two face-to-face live events with your coach for one hour each
  • Two live one-on-one coaching sessions to discuss your leadership strengths and opportunities for growth

Leadership Performance Outcomes

  • Increase self-awareness and self-regulation skills
  • Understand the impact you have on others
  • Learn the science of the human brain and how that influences behavior (Amygdala and NeoCortex)
  • Build skills of empathy and communication – critical to developing strong emotional connections  with team and customers
  • Practice EI tools and how to have more effective coaching feedback conversation

What Participants are Saying

“The EI content was sound, very-well articulated, and yet simply presented in the concepts and main points. In fact, contrary to what I expected, the Cerego process actually became one of my favorite elements of the course. I wish I had several of my professional curricula this well-organized, articulated, and trained! For me, this was VERY effective.”

“I applaud your work on developing a learning experience of this magnitude and complexity – complete with so many different types of learning experiences. The need for this has never been stronger!”

“The EI content is top-notch. I appreciate the way in which you’ve interwoven content, application, and experiential learning with the videos and then measured knowledge retention. It truly keeps the participant engaged. Specifically, you’ve added to the foundational knowledge of what EI is and is not. I gravitated toward the “SBA” concept and find it easy and simple to remember the value of mindfulness.”

“The recordings were great! It is always interesting when you see yourself “live”. This was a great learning for me.”

“You incorporated versatile ways for the participants to learn and stay engaged. Specifically, I liked the journal for tangible reflections, videos, chats/blogs, and website content to scroll through.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the 360 assessment – it’s always a wonderful opportunity to get feedback from others. As we discussed, the assessment was short, yet impactful – exactly how a 360 should be!”

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