DeXLography: a Blog Dedicated to Online Learning

DeXLography: a Blog Dedicated to Online Learning

Writing the first post of a new blog is like being a freshman in college and having the chance to go out with a junior or senior: you’re excited, but worried about striking a balance between seeming wise beyond your years and being spontaneous and energetic.

The first is easy – I’m already wise beyond my years, and daresay I’m waaaaay older than most of the readers of this blog.  Lest you doubt me, I just wrote “daresay” and “lest.”  One day I’ll tell you about Bill Shakespeare and his unpublished limericks.

We’ll try to be energetic, spontaneous, even exciting.  We like challenging ourselves, thinking differently, and making ourselves feel uncomfortable (hot sauces sometimes play a role in this). We’re passionate about helping people discover and release their own innate greatness, and we see effective, engaging education as playing a key role.  We’re idealistic realists, or realistic idealists – we have high goals that we know are difficult to achieve, but need to be tackled and solved.  And it’s not just JFK’s reasoning that we do things because they’re hard, even though that’s fun.  We’re committed to helping people improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the health and wealth of the world. Might as well shoot high, huh?

We’ll ask you to think about why online education has been as exciting and engaging as C-SPAN, and as effective as asking a five-year-old hopped up on sugar to just “sit still” and not play with the puppy.  We’re uncompromising about delivering an environment that delivers an amazing student experience.

We’ll wander pretty wide at times as we build a framework for online education.  We’ll examine what taxes, coffee, shoes, computer games, factory floors, and the Belgium Revolution have to do with education.  We’ll talk about a dead German scientist who experimented on his family, as well as the influences of an astronomer, an ancient poet, creation myths, an economist and a eugenicist.  And pizza (we love pizza, and Thai!) – but especially pizza boxes.

We’re DeXL, an educational strategy firm dedicated to engineering scalable, effective, and engaging online educational experiences that improve the lives of people.  We’re relentlessly focused on the individual student, their needs, educational experience, and success.  We know that THIS STUFF MATTERS.   It’s given rise to what we call “Principles Driven Design” – a set of core principles that get us out of bed in the morning and animates our efforts to empower our learners:

It’s both a WAY OF THINKING and a WAY OF DOING. We’ll be diving deeper into these principles in future posts.

We love talking about this stuff, and future authors will include learning experience designers, faculty, mentors, academic advisors, Edtech geeks, and the occasional old fart.